Silves Algarve

When the Moors ruled this part of Southern Europe, the town of Silves was the capital of the Algarve. In construction, importance and appearance it could compete with the opulent cities in Andalusia. Such as Seville and Cordoba, where you can visit the famous Al Hambra. The style of building can be found in Silves with its original city walls and remains of the castle. These make it definitely worth a visit. The city was largely destroyed by an earthquake about 200 years ago. The city walls and the cathedral have been preserved. The town which can easily be reached by car, certainly has retained its charm and appearance and is a tourist attraction.

Silves Castle Algarve

In summer, Brazilian music is played on the terrace in front of the castle on Sunday afternoons and exhibitions are often held within the castle walls. A visit to the Medieval festival in August is definitely worth it, as is the beer festival for enthusiasts. In the many authentic restaurants you can enjoy many dishes such as the Cataplana while listening to the famous Fado folk music. A fine outing when you are renting our vacation apartment near Praia da Rocha. But there is a lot more to do and to see in this most southern part of Portugal.